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If you have a topic to discus on the podcast please fill out the form bellow to tell me about it. I am excited to hear what everyone has to introduce me to. Please remember I have two rules. No Punching or Pushing. Aside from that I look forward to discussing a wide variety of topics no matter how simple or eccentric! Here are a few guidelines to help determine the framework of your topic.

Topic Guidelines

  • Casual: Avoid controversial topics. Your topic should be something you will have FUN talking about, not something that is going to get you worked up.

  • Unique: Pick something that inspires you, don’t worry about if it is mainstream or not. If you are into your topic, other people's interest will grow from your enthusiasm.

  • Deep: Not "philosophically" deep, something you can dive into deep. Each episode aims to be about 20 minutes so make sure there is enough content to get into it.

  • Focused: Narrow down your scope as far as you can while still feeling like you can fill the time. It's better to start narrow and let the conversation grow, than to start big and feel you've missed something important. And sometimes the little details are the funnest part!

Rules Guidelines

  • No Punching: You should have the ability to talk about your topic with out attacking something else. This means if you are talking about your favorite sports team you shouldn't be talking bringing up why their rivals are bad. We can talk about our love for chocolate without dissing vanilla, and people can like both cats and dogs!

  • No Pushing: I want to hear about why you are drawn to something and why it excites you, but I don't want you to try to push those desires onto my listeners. Please try to avoid telling others what they should be doing with their lives, or what they are doing wrong. It is one thing to encourage people to branch out and try something new or be open to an idea, but they should not feel guilty about disagreeing with you or having a different idea. We all want to be heard and respected, so share why you have made your choices and why your topic has made your life better, but don't worry about weather or not the listener will try to do the same. 

  • Inclusive: The Turtle Stack is a Safe For Work podcast so please watch your language while recording. I do edit so I can take care of mistakes that slip in, but do your best to keep it clean and family appropriate. I want my show to be something that anyone can listen to and feel welcome and respected so please remember to be kind.

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